Jan 19th 2019

Op, please stop taking drugs!


Okay, so this is a dream I had wayyy back then, but I still wanted to share it. However, this dream was WASN'T A DREAM, more like a acid trip. Allow me to explain, so a couple was fighting while a little girl was watching. They were throwing stuff at each other, you know, how they do in movies. Then the lady got a glass shard and stabbed him. She then turned to the little girl and asked "Am I pretty?" the girl said yes, the mother streched her arms and gave her a nindeto switch from the out of the damn ground. She then streched her neck to where the little girl and said to her, "You are very young and stupid, however, YOU CAN'T LIE TO MOMMY!" the little girl eyes widen out of her head. She started beating up her mother with her eyes. (imprettysureiwassmokingsomethingorsomething). Then she turned to the camera, not camera, uhhh, it's hard to explain. Me? you know, like your looking at the mirror, ughhh I'm trying mmy best to explain. She said "You will get a nindeto switch tommorow." So, flash forward to august 26th, uh, the funny part is...I did get one but I didn't ask my mother, my mother just kinda called me downstairs and asked what was the thing I showed her that was 100$ dollars. Yeah, so, my dreams always come true some f***ing how!



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