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August 25

[New discovery]

Alright, so uh, I found a way to add music and a guestbook on here, it's a work in progress but I'll do it later. There's nothing else to say really except how I slipped and fell down the steps. My back was the only thing that got hurt, my head is fine, so are my arms and legs. I WISH it had hurted though, I deserve it

Enjoy the soon to be added music though!

August 28 [2:am]


I did nothing much today, to be honest. I've decided to pull an all nighter trying to fix this website's awful code, there's not a lot of coding to be done but you know what I mean. I think I'm going to make another one because coding is fun. Except, it's not going to be all that sad and depressing like this one is. I still don't know how to add in music lol.

This probably ain't the most amazing or best entry you have ever read but there's still more to come.
Ps:I'm going to bed

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